Quality Policy/Kalite Politikamız


Food safety and hygiene are two important elements that we are
sensitive about in order to ensure the sustainability of quality. For this
purpose, the company has established a quality control composed
of food engineers, technicians, and expert groups of different professions,
and is determined to reach its goals.

Mirsan Food, the goal of progress is producing timely and quality,
so customer demands respond with accurate presentation and prices.
At all stages of production tests according to Lot number, Moisture,
Size Classification of Quality and Expiration Date with in the laboratory.


Kuru Kayısı ve kuru gıda tedariğinde, en iyi marka olmaktır.
To become the best brand for dried apricots and dry food supply


Ürünlerimizi, müşterilerimize kaliteden ödün vermeden rekabetçi fiyatlarla sunmaktır.
To offer our products to our customers with competitive prices without sacrificing quality


Kaliteden ödün vermeden, sonsuz müşteri memnuniyeti sağlamak,
Güncel değişimleri takip edip firmamıza uygulayarak pazarımızda hızla büyümek.
To ensure unconditional customer satisfaction, without sacrificing quality, and
To follow current changes, apply them to the company, and rapidly grow in the market.


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