Kuru Meyveler



Types: Lerida, Protoben, Pulled, Connected, Natural, Garland, Layer, Cocktail, Bulk
Package: 250 gr., 400 gr., 500 gr., 800 gr., 1 kg., 2,5 kg., 3 kg., 5 kg., 10 kg., 12,5 kg.

HTS Code:8042.0900.00.46


Origin : TURKEY

Dried Mulberry: Mulberry is one of the most useful products in terms of health, after 5 kg or 10 kg carton box selected, dried or prepared in accordance with customer demand in foam trays or cellophane package is exported in a variety of weights.

Dried Mulberry provides strength to the body, It is good for anemia. Dried Mulberry is beneficial against the pus of mouth, tonsils and throat, gum disease and cough. At the same time Dried Mulberry reduce the temparature of human and strengthens the liver of human.

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